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"The internet is a scary place"

Ben Hilderbrandt

"Reagan smash!"
"Metaphorically I am a boat in a sea of high school troubles."
"Code never lies, but comments sometimes do"

Jeffery Russell

"I'm Jesus and I'm JUULing"

Johnny Sadler

"Put me on your quote page."

Kara Phillips

"I'm bad 'cause I'm bad."

Mark Gilbert

"Bryce you look like a womanizer, can you find me a girlfriend?"

Matthew Sconfitto

"I will bite your nose off!"
"Buy me some big meaty claws."

Michael Geffert

"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."
"Your Mutha!"
""Praise be."-Jeff "Who is Bee?""
""How old is she?" - Bryce "Chinese" - Nick"
"I think I have social Tourettes"
"I was talking to him telepathocally"
"I think you are trying to milk a dead cow Jeff"
"I don't like dark chocolate... but I like dark women!"
"I wish I stayed in school and got you sick"
"We are getting by - by the hide of your neck."
"That's impressive"

Nicholas Weis

"Nick, follow the sunset!"
"I like to smell my arms. My arms are hairy and they pick up smells."

Payton Cook

"I'm from upstate New York, but part of me is from the Middle East."
"American Ee-ah-glay... EAGLE!"

Ryan Keihm

"It will be a lot easier to ignore you when you're dead"

Shannon O'Brien

"If it is cold, it feels cold."
"Is the sky gray or that a cloud?"
"You will regret this the next full moon."
"That was when I Boo-Boo’d."
"A Jesus ton of fries."
"It makes me feel ligamented."
"Guam is in the Atlantic."
"The countries in North America are the US, Canada, Iceland, and Jamaica."
"I don’t even know what to know anymore."
"You have Ethiopia."

William Shults